• Concrete Cleaning

  • Concrete Stain Removal

    Bel Air SoftWash is the industry leader for Concrete Cleaning Services in Baltimore Maryland. We take great pride in customer service, we achieve outstanding results and offer excellent prices. We’re Eco-friendly and abide by the industry standards and best practices. We use the best state of the art Pressure Washing equipment in the industry which allows us to get the best results for our residential and commercial clients. Our hot and cold water Power Washing Equipment can reach Pressures of up to 3500 PSI Call us today.

  • When it comes to stain on Concrete, Our methods are very effective at eliminating a most of the common and not so common stains on concrete driveways and sidewalks, factory and warehouse floors, parking lots, parking garages and many other areas.

  • Those Stains Include The Following;

    • Oil and Grease Stains on Concrete 
    • Brake Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid and Transmission Fluid 
    • Tree Sap Stains and Leaf Stains
    • Rust Stains, Battery Acid Stains and Fertilizer Stains 
    • Food Stains and Drink Spills and stains 
    • Dirt, Moss, Algae, Mold, Mildew and Lichen 
    • Tire Marks on Concrete 
    • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Chewing Gum Removal Services

    If you’re looking for Chewing Gum or Bubble Gum Removal Services in Baltimore and surrounding areas of Maryland you’ve come to the right place? Bel Air SoftWash provides all types of Concrete and Wood Cleaning & Stain Removal including: Gum Removal throughout the Harford County, Baltimore County, Cecil County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free estimate.

  • Concrete Cleaning Services In Maryland

    When you have a visitor to your home, the driveway and sidewalks are the first thing people notice. When you have a clean driveway and sidewalk the first impression of your home is a good one in the minds of your visitors. If your driveway is stained or has black marks and streaks it gives the appearance that you don’t care about your home or not interested in maintaining the appearance of your home. Don’t worry...we are here to help!

    Driveway, Sidewalk and Walkway Cleaning Services: 

    • Driveway Cleaning
    • Sidewalk & Walkway Cleaning
    • Concrete Patio Cleaning 
    • Driveway, Sidewalk & Garage Floor Staining