• Window Cleaning

  • Highest-Quality Exterior Window Cleaning Service in Harford County

    Windows are a serious business when it comes to making the exterior of your house look great. At Bel Air Softwash we aim to satisfy all our customers by providing the highest quality exterior window cleaning service in the Harford County area.

    Our customers are raving about how great their windows look after we have cleaned them with our special RO-DI water purifying system. With our water-fed pole, we can reach 2nd and 3rd story windows, without the use of a ladder. 

  • What Makes Our Exterior Window Service Different?

    After we have completed your house wash we can go one step further by leaving your windows spot free and streak free. That's not to say that after your house wash, your windows will be spotted and streaky, but most customers elect to keep their screens in when we do a house wash. This is perfectly fine, and we rarely receive any complaints afterwards, but screens can produce a bubble effect and not allow us to remove all the soap residue or allow us to scrub the windows the correct way. But with our special exterior window cleaning service we can guarantee that your windows look great and are as clean as they can be.

    We use a 100% RO-DI water purifying system to remove all the minerals from the water. Minerals are what causes the spotting and streaking you see on windows. This also enables us to remove all soap residue, particles, and any other thing that may be left after a house wash. With our specialized water fed pole, we can ensure that your windows are cleaned the way they should be and that nothing is left behind that would cause a haze, spots, or streaks. 

  • Your Windows Will Look Great

    Just by removing your screens when we do your house wash will certainly help to make your windows look better, but if you are looking for the ultimate clean that your windows can be, then you will most likely want to have them cleaned with our water-fed pole and RO-DI system. 

    We understand this is not the traditional standard way of getting up on ladders or scaffolds and using squeegees. We're not scrubbing by hand, but the results are simply amazing and we can yield the same results if not better than the companies who still do it the traditional way. Contact us today if you're wanting our exterior window service done at your house