Why should you not pressure wash your house?

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We know that pressure washing is very much useful in cleaning grime surfaces of your household by expelling out water forcefully from the hose. Since different nozzles are available, you can even change the water pressure as per your requirement. There are numerous advantages of pressure washers you must be knowing but have you ever heard that they can cause significant damage. That’s why its important to hire a professional exterior cleaning company.

Yes, pressure washers can be problematic if used excessively not because you will waste a lot of water, but there are multiple reasons as to why they can be detrimental:

Wood Veneer Panels:

Every individual has pressure washed the exterior wooden panels of their house to get rid of the accumulated dust. If the water pressure is moderate, then there is nothing to worry about. If the pressure is too high, then a little vigilance is required. Excessively high-pressure washing can damage the insulating and wiring system of your house by letting water enter within the veneered panels.

Electrically Powered Meters:

 House or building meters consists of components that can withstand all sorts of harsh environmental conditions like heavy rain. Despite this fact, excessive pressure washing can damage these electric meters and may result in a complete power outage. It happens because the water pouring out from the device is hitting the meter forcefully, thus letting the water enter the meter through cracks or joints.

Building Blocks Bonded with Old Adhesives:

Old buildings or houses mainly made of bricks should never be pressure washed excessively. Old adhesives, for instance, mortar can easily loosen up due to prolonged contact with high pressured water. It would ultimately weaken the foundations of your house.

There are multiple reasons as to why we should never pressure wash excessively. Therefore there use should only be restricted for cleaning the hard surfaces like patios or driveways etc.  Always hire a professional exterior cleaning company to get the job done right!

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