Undeniable Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home

If you want your home to be in it’s best look, you have to start from the external part.

Soft washing can be one effective way to make the outside of your home look fresh and new.

Keep reading to learn more about soft washing and how it can benefit your home.

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a method of cleaning which involves special solutions and low-pressure Stream. This method gets rid of bacteria, algae, mildew, and other organic strains that ate on your home’s external part and roof. Soft washing is different from power washing because the pressure is low and soft.

Soft washing is an effective way to take care of the external surface of your home. There are numerous importance of soft washing. It keeps residents in good health, can save the roof and other fixtures from damaging and can as well save you lots of money in repairs.

If you are in need of quality soft washing services in (Harford and Baltimore County), feel free to contact us via (410-847-7967).

Below are the importance of soft washing your home.

1. Keeps Your Home Looking Great

Dirt is cleaned whenever you soft wash your home, and all contaminants and bacteria are killed. This will not only bring out the beauty of your home, but also bring up its value. 

If you want your home to look beautiful, then you have to soft wash your siding, driveway,  deck, and roof. This also is a barrier to the growth of bacteria, as it kills these organisms. 


2. Saves You Money

If your roof is damaged and equally dirty, you will need to soft wash it as soon as possible. Soft washing your roof will make your roof more durable and won’t need to get it repaired sooner than you would do to a dirty roof because repairing your roof could really get costly.  


3. Increases the Longevity of Your Home

Many months or weeks of dry and rough weather can make any home start looking shabby.

Mildew does not only pose a health risk to your family, it can also cause an expensive damage to your home’s external environment. Damage like lichen, fungi, and algae on your roof’s singles will reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Regular maintenance of your roof by soft washing will make your roof free from damage and your roof will also stay strong and healthy. Dirty roof will attract more sunlight because it’s a great absorber of heat.

4. Energy Savings

Dirty, dark and stained roof is not just an eyesore, it also causes high increment in the cost of electricity during the summer. Dark roofs attract more sun because dark roofs in color absorb more heat than clean roofs. This heat absorbed makes your home warmer and your electricity bill higher from blasting the A/C.

5. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Mildew and mold can cause a whole slew of respiratory issues and allergic reactions for you and your family. If this bacteria is growing on your home’s exterior, it can soon grow inside your home and thereby posing a great threat to your family. 

The moment you notice that mold is growing on the outside of your home, start cleaning it off because it can cause unhealthiness. So, soft washing will not only reduce the mold and mildew, but you are also killing these organisms at their roots. 

6. Keeps Away Pests

Whenever you soft wash your house, you are equally getting rid of the pests at home trying to occupy your home. Birds, rodents and other pests are much less likely to occupy your home if and only if the external part of your home is neat and clean. So, soft washing regularly regulates pests and keeps them away from your home.



7. Eco-Friendly

In addition to saving you money on electricity, soft washing is also eco-friendly. This is because soft washing uses a biodegradable solution that destroys organisms and their offspring at their root. Harsher chemical methods of cleaning the exterior of your home can destroy the grass and or plants around your house.

Soft washing is eco-friendly and applies with the pressure of a water hose, so your home and environment are kept safe.

Try Soft Washing Today

Now that you know the many benefits of soft washing, try it today.

Don’t wait! Get your home soft-washed today and save on money from repairs in the future.

If you are in need of quality soft washing services in (Harford and Baltimore County), feel free to contact us via (410-847-7967).


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