Some years back, it has been a challenge to get a device for cleaning a roof and some delicate material effectively without effort. Back then, some people used brush and detergent alone for roof washing. Apart from much strength use for cleaning, it has not been really effective in washing away the growth of organic matter like algae, bacteria, fungi, etc. Later pressure washing was introduced for the cleaning of a roof, but there have been many setbacks in employing pressure washing method for the roof cleaning because it produces a high force of water which can damage the roof and apart from the fact that it only washes away the growth of organic matter, it does not eliminate the root of the issue.

Pressure washing is not advisable for roof washing and delicate material because of the damage it causes by high pressure. What then can be used for cleaning roof and fragile material? It is simply soft washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is the process of removing dirt or stain from a surface and sanitize it. It delivers a low pressure below 500 psi to produce a perfectly clean job for delicate surfaces. Soft Washing used low pressurized water with a chemical solution to kill microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, moss, etc. on your roof. These chemical solutions are eco-friendly and will not strip protective coatings on your home’s exterior. Soft Washing can also be used to clean smooth surfaces like Wood panel siding, Outdoor rooted plants, Stucco and coquina, Outdoor wood furniture, Screens, and enclosures, which pressure washing cannot handle. It also can kill pests in the roof, achieving a finely clean surface without causing any damage to the roof.

Soft Washing is now widely used for cleaning roofs because of its effectiveness in getting a roof clean, sanitizing, and eliminating the issues of algae or fungi growth. It can also be used on all types of roof either metal, wood, slate, tiles, etc


It is important to know that pressure washing should not be used on a roof. Even if a roof cleaning service you called to help you clean your roof said he will adjust the pressure of pressure washer, do not agree with him because there is no level in which you will adjust the pressure of a pressure washer to, without causing damage to your roof, since it delivers at a pressure above 500 psi which is above room strength of 100psi. The only best and effective method is Soft Washing.

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