Soft washing vs. power and pressure washing

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Having a clean home is important, both for the health of those who live in it and for the home itself. Smoke from chimneys and wildfires, mold, mildew and other debris can build up on the exterior. This makes its way inside and can cause respiratory problems as well as damage to the exterior. It can also increase the chances of pests getting into the house.

The question is how to achieve this goal. Is it as simple as using a water hose with a power nozzle or is it more complicated. The answer goes to the more complicated side. Sure, the hose will get some of it off, but not enough. It’s time to consider something more powerful.

If a Google search is done, several choices appear. Pressure washing is high on the search results. This is a more powerful version of the hose and power nozzle idea. The water goes into a tank and comes out under a lot of pressure to remove more grime and buildup.

That isn’t always enough. Power washing is the use of the same type of machine, but it heats the water in the tank. Hot water is one of the recommendations for cleaning just about anything. This will get rid of more debris than the simple pressure washer, but is it enough?

There are several reasons to go for soft washing. First of all, it doesn’t use the same amount of pressure. Why is that good? Think about water coming out of the hose at high pressure. What happens if a child gets in front of it, or a hand accidentally slips? Major injuries could be the result.

Another reason is that soft washing uses detergent. By now, most of us know how urgently we need to wash our hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Experiments, empirical testing and long experience have taught us that this helps to ward off all kinds of diseases and infections. Our houses need the same treatment. If we clean with soap inside the house, why not use it outside?

While soft washing does use a little more pressure than a water hose, it is usually less than five hundred PSI (pounds per square inch). Much less than what is normal for a pressure or power washer. This means that screens don’t have to be taken off of windows and seals aren’t damaged. High pressure can do a lot of damage while it does the cleaning. There are also surfaces that can’t be cleaned with high pressure.

Soft washing not only cleans exterior walls and walkways better, it helps keep them clean longer than just using water. This is good news for people who have pest problems around their homes. Rats, mice and insect pests thrive in dirty environments. They shy away from clean ones. They go looking for richer pickings elsewhere.

When it comes to keeping your investment in your home safe, as well as your family, soft washing is clearly the best choice.

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