• Woodlyn Meadows, MD Pressure Washing

  • Bel Air SoftWash is the name you can trust when it comes to all your residential and commercial exterior cleaning needs. We treat your property as if it was our own. You will be totally satisfied with our Top Notch pressure washing service as we strive to deliver the most affordable and professional exterior cleaning company around.

  • House Washing

    We specialize in cleaning organic and non-organic stains and growths on the surface of commercial and residential buildings and homes Maryland. Our soft washing method is environmentally friendly. Give us a call for a FREE Quote! After we arrive, we do an analysis of the surface conditions. Our technicians then apply a coat of our soft wash solution targeted at the most severe areas. Then we apply second application that treats the entire surface area, this will treat the areas not yet effected by the damaging growths to prevent any damage that may occur in the future. Our house washing process will remove 99% of all Algae, Moss, Mildew, black streaks and other unsightly and damaging materials from your home or business. Call Today:  410-847-7967

  • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

    Are there areas of your roof that have developed black streaks and dark colors? Well, you are not alone. This is very common in roofs found in Maryland. Most people believe this discoloration and roof staining is from dust, dirt, pollen and tree sap. The main cause of roof stains are algae and moss growing on the shingles, this is a direct result of the humid Maryland Climate. If you are experiencing black streaks, roof moss, roof fungus, or roof mold call Bel Air SoftWash for roof cleaning 410-847-7967

  • Pressure Washing

    Do your exterior surfaces have that weathered look? Moss, Mildew, lichen, mold, and fungi on your fence, deck, or concrete? Maybe you have tried cleaning it with a pressure washer only to watch it return? You need our pressure washing services. We use a low-pressure cleaning system, our soft washing method not only removes the Moss, Mildew, lichen, mold, and fungi Combined with our biodegradable solution, which will kill the infestation for a much longer period of time. Call Today:  410-847-7967