Soft washing is one of the most effective ways to clean your home’s exterior, whether it is the stucco siding or an asphalt shingle roof. By soft washing, low pressurized water is mixed with detergents to create a spray that easily removes thin debris from your home.

Is Soft washing The Same as Power Washing?

Soft washing is a much gentler form of cleaning compared to power washing. Instead of using high pressure and a small “beam” of water, soft washing uses a wider spray of low pressure. This allows for a gentle cleaning of your exterior without damaging the actual home itself.

When Should You Soft Wash?

If you have a surface that is difficult to get clean, such as shingles on the roof or overlapping areas of exterior siding and the surface can be damaged from higher pressures, soft washing is recommended. Soft washing is very effective at cleaning algae and built-up dirt.

How Do You Soft Wash?

Before you can begin soft washing, you have to prepare a cleaning solution. This may be a mixture of water, bleach, or other type of chemical cleaner.  This mixture is then added to a soft washing machine and gently sprayed on the surface you are cleaning. Soft washing typically uses a lot more water and detergents than pressure washing does because it is a longer, lighter cleaning process intended to not damage the surface.

Using A Professional

If you need to have a soft wash done for your home, using a professional cleaning service is typically recommended. Soft washing machines are often expensive, even if rented, and require you to purchase your own chemicals. Professional cleaners have all of the tools and materials necessary to get the job done, regardless of size. Additionally, there is a learning curve with soft washing that you don’t have to worry about by using a professional.

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