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Are you aware that those irritating black stains on top of your roof can be easily and safely get rid of well? Do you also know that it is actually bacteria and fungus that are responsible for those unwanted looks on your roof? Those black stains which are in form of Gloecapsa Magma are being transported from one roof to another by airborne spores. Our soft wash eco-friendly roof cleaning system can be used to take care of your roof and get rid of those bacteria and fungus that feed on your shingles. Those bacteria also develop a filament root system which helps them to start eating up your shingles, and thus results to the decomposition of your roof.

A calculated amount of eco-friendly biodegradable solution must be used to clean these types of fungus and bacteria to make sure you have a 100% kill ratio.

If people are able to clean and treat their roof always, it will be of help to extend the service life span of their roof. Most times, we use machines that can perform an eco-friendly biodegradable treatment onto your roof and let the solution finish the work for example, 12 volts pump can perform the task well.

So, for you to clean and treat your roof more effectively and efficiently, we advise you to  use a soft-wash cleaning service because it exerts no form of pressure on your roof. An eco-friendly biodegradable system does not need power washing, brushing and scraping. The pressure can be considered more to what the average garden hose will offer.

Pressure washing will result in making the bacteria grow back and as well damage your roofs because it will lose as much as 50% of their life span from infestation of these organisms.  This lose can cost thousand dollars to the owner in premature purchase of another roof and service charge. The dark stain on your roof can cause the roof to absorb more heat and raise under roof attic temperatures, thereby cause high cost of electricity. Treating your roofs can save as much as 40% off your electric bills monthly.

Roof cleaning is very vital and should be done regularly for you to have a long-lasting roof. Roof cleaning is very important because it is where everybody’s eyes will first be at especially when you have visitors. So, this is why it is necessary for you to clean your roof to avoid ugly look. Our method of cleaning is proactive and thorough because we pinpoint the concerned areas and soft wash them back to a high level of cleanliness and resilience. Out team of experts are good in recognizing all types of roofing detractors which includes;

Organic growths: Mildew, molds and lichen are some of the common growths that are found on shingle roofs that have been left being unprotected from weathering. If you notice any, Soft washing can remove them entirely and also protect any further growth in future time.

Other debris: Any unwanted material on top of your roof is capable of causing harm on it. Have a soft washing professional target on these unwanted build-ups and remove them from your roof entirely and your roof will last for you.

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